Enjoy a Glass of Bold Bourbon at Our Sports Bars in Des Plaines and Lemont

At Tap House Grill, we love beer, whether we’re drinking it at our sports bar in Des Plaines, our sports bar in Lemont or any of our locations. But we don’t limit ourselves to the sudsy stuff for bar specials. We and our customers enjoy a bit — or a bunch — of bourbon, and we celebrated National Bourbon Day on June 14. So, we wanted to take a moment to recognize this delicious brown liquor, America’s Native Spirit.

Bourbon is whiskey, but whiskey isn’t necessarily bourbon. To be bourbon, the stuff must be made in the good old U.S.A.


The best bourbons are born in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky before they make it to our Des Plaines sports bar and Lemont sports bar.


Corn is the main ingredient in bourbon, but it’s a different kind than what we serve up in dishes at our Lemont sports bar.


Bourbon is aged in oak barrels for two years or longer, transforming from ordinary ingredients into a glorious superstar!


After one use, most bourbon barrels head overseas to the United Kingdom to be used for scotch whisky, which will be offered in future bar specials.


Like whiskey or scotch, you can order bourbon straight up or on the rocks at Tap House Grill’s Des Plaines sports bar and Lemont sports bar.


Whether or not it’s offered on bar specials, bourbon should always be enjoyed in moderation.


It’s not for everyone, but some people can’t get enough of bourbon’s deep, malty, caramel flavors.


Bourbon has a bite, and no matter how much some people try, they just can’t take it.


The quality of bourbons varies greatly. Visit our bartenders at Tap House Grill’s Des Plaines sports bar or Lemont sports bar to be sure you’re getting the good stuff.


Now head out to Tap House Grill’s Des Plaines sports bar, Lemont sports bar or other locations for a delicious glass of bourbon!