What were the biggest restaurant trends of 2015?

It’s no secret that a modern renaissance is taking place in the food and beverage industry. Although culinary trends come and go constantly, some have the staying power necessary to become classics. Following are four trends — some of which you can find at your local Tap House Grill — that may be here to stay.


The farm-to-fork movement continues to gain momentum in today’s culinary scene and seems well on its way to transcending its trend status and becoming the new normal. From small culinary herb gardens in the back to entire farms owned by individual restaurants or by co-ops of local establishments, restaurateurs are taking local sourcing seriously. Even chain restaurants are serving locally sourced fare.

Healthy Children’s Meals

Parents are tired of childrens’ menu staples such as heavily battered, deep fried chicken parts, hot dogs, and other nutritionally-bereft fare, and restaurants are paying attention. Like the farm-to-fork movement, healthy food that appeals to children is likely a trend that will transition into a culinary classic.

Small-Batch, Experimental Craft Beers

Brewers are experimenting with ancient recipes from the monasteries of Belgium and Germany where the first true artisan brewers plied their craft, and this trend will likely to continue to evolve during the coming years. Another important trend in the microbrew industry is selections with lower alcohol contents. This reflects consumer interest in lighter beverages as well as appeals to brewery owners who understandably desire to limit overconsumption on their premises. As the name suggests, Tap House Grill is no stranger to small-batch and experimental craft beers, highlighting nearly 40 tap brews at a single location at anytime and featuring signature and seasonal batches throughout the year.

House-Made Specialty Items

Specialty items that have been prepared in-house is another growing culinary trend that has been well-received by the public. Popular house-made items include ice cream, sausage, baked goods, and pickles. Some also prepare their own cider and fruit juices. This trend will probably continue to gain momentum throughout the next few years. However, a counter trend has also emerged where restaurants feature products that have been crafted in-house at other establishments. For instance, a coffee shop that also offers a limited sandwich menu might feature bread baked by a nearby establishment that creates all of its own baked goods. Tap House Grill has welcomed that trend with open arms as it has long-featured its signature burgers on locally baked brioche and pretzel rolls.

These trends all reflect a heightened awareness on the part of consumers of personal health as well as community health. They want things local and handmade rather than being served frozen and otherwise processed foods delivered on semi truck. For restaurants and breweries like Tap House Grill, it’s a welcomed change as it brings the consumers’ attention to the foods and brews being featured at these establishments, and everyone is benefiting from it.

Three Christmastime Cocktails You Shouldn’t Skip This Year

As the Tap House Grill Franchise continues to grow, we’re adding more and more people to our family. We attribute our success to restaurant industry growth, our high quality food and drinks and our loyalty to customers. Christmastime is about spending time with friends and family, and sometimes, spending time with family means breaking out the strong stuff. Whether you’re singing carols around the fire or heading out to the club with friends, these Christmastime cocktails are sure to warm you up with Christmas spirit.

Stay classy with a Chrismastime Hot Toddy
It’s doesn’t get much more classic than the hot toddy. Made with sugar cubes, lemons, rye whiskey and boiled water, this drink is guaranteed to warm you up on a cold, Christmas night. In addition to being a Christmastime staple, it doubles as a decongestant in some families’ Christmas lore. Clear your sinuses and stay warm with this rye whiskey and cinnamon-sprinkled classic.

Have some fun with a Candy Cane Martini
This intricate Christmas cocktail is the perfect match for the playful-at-heart or a night out on the town. The candy cane martini includes Peppermint Schnapps, vodka, Creme de Cacao, grenadine, half and half and soda water. Don’t forget to add the candy cane garnish. You’ll feel like a kid again enjoying this sweet, minty treat.

Spiked Egg Nog
We’re using the term cocktail generously here, but we doubt you’ll mind. Make your family’s homemade egg nog recipe and add some cognac and rum, or just add the liquor to your preferred store-bought brand. While some people pick between spirits, we encourage the combination. We also encourage you to sprinkle a little nutmeg on top for some added Christmas flavor.
Whether you’re looking for something classic or fun, you’ll have plenty of Christmastime cocktail recipes to choose from this holiday season.

If you’re not into the hard stuff, opt for a delicious winter bier at the Tap House Grill, your home away from home.